Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yellow people as you can see i dont update a lot but i am trying a little harder. So if you are reading this you would probebly get what i am saying oh and if you can read my spelling. and if you have noticed i am not the greatest speller in the world but i can spell some words.
So if you where wondering what i got for Christmas i will tell you. I got just what i wanted a Cell Phone:). So ya anywho i am soo happy right now cauz i havent left my phone out of my site and when i do i go and look for it right away.
So i will post more pics as soon as i can but im still trying to get the hang of it so it might be a little bit before i do so ya.
Well thats it for now so have a great day:).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yo people. Sorry I havent updated things for a while ive just been really busy. And i would show you some pics but i dont now how t do that yet so your stuck with me telling you about it. Oh wait i figured it out. So here they are (there above the text).