Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yellow people as you can see i dont update a lot but i am trying a little harder. So if you are reading this you would probebly get what i am saying oh and if you can read my spelling. and if you have noticed i am not the greatest speller in the world but i can spell some words.
So if you where wondering what i got for Christmas i will tell you. I got just what i wanted a Cell Phone:). So ya anywho i am soo happy right now cauz i havent left my phone out of my site and when i do i go and look for it right away.
So i will post more pics as soon as i can but im still trying to get the hang of it so it might be a little bit before i do so ya.
Well thats it for now so have a great day:).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yo people. Sorry I havent updated things for a while ive just been really busy. And i would show you some pics but i dont now how t do that yet so your stuck with me telling you about it. Oh wait i figured it out. So here they are (there above the text).

Friday, October 2, 2009

First day of school

Okay the first day of school was hard because I am now in middle school so it was hard trying to find my classes but I did and now I am a pro. I love middle school because:
1.The food is better
2.I love my teachers
3.We get to chose ourer classes
So as you can see I LOVE middle school.

The Summer

If you say the last post you can see I was a little excited. Well I still am but it doesn't matter. Okay I am going to tell you what has happened during the whole summer. Okay
1.I had about 10 sleepovers the whole summer.
2.I went boating for the first time and it didn't go to well.
3.I got bored.
Well the summer doesn't last long so that is it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My first blog

Yo peoples of earth that are reading this blog. As you can see this is my first blog and LVN it. I feel free, I feel wonderful OK that was a little to much. Anyway today so far has been great no school just hanging out doing nothing (but cleaning)but other then that it has been pretty fun no sisters except Daningqueen. Today was really fun though just us girls. But yesterday was kind of scary because, my dad had surgery